Heathrow Airport Guide

Heathrow Airport Food and Drink

The following food and drink outlets are availabel at Heathrow airport:

Terminal 1 Arrivals / Departures:

Light refreshments only on the arrivals level. In departures meals, light refreshments and bars are situated on the mezzanine level above the shopping area. There is a self service restaurant and a burger bar on the departures level near the domestic gates too.

Terminal 1 Airside:

A selection of catering outlets includes table and self service restaurants, snacks, a seafood bar and two bars.

Terminal 2 Arrivals / Departures:

Meals, light refreshments and a bar are located on the mezzanine level above the shopping area. There is a coffee bar on the main level.

Terminal 2 Airside:

Catering outlets are limited. Burgers and pub food is what is mostly available.

Terminal 3 Arrivals / Departures:

There is a restaurant, a burger bar and a pub on the left hand side of the departures floor, with a coffee shop towards the right hand end of the shopping row. Meals, snacks and drinks available on the arrivals floor.

Terminal 3 Airside:

Catering outlets are limited, with a bar and a sandwich outlet.

Terminal 4 Arrivals / Departures:

A self-service restaurant for meals and snacks and a bar are located on the mezzanine floor between Departures and Arrivals. There is also a cafe bar serving light refreshments only on arrivals floor.

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